Shine A Light

Joe Lewinski lewinski at
Fri Apr 24 16:20:44 UTC 2009


I just viewed the first 40 minutes of Shine A Light.

I placed this in my Netflix queue about 6 months ago,
because I heard such great things about the Stones
when they were doing the big-venue, small-venue
tour a few years back.  I heard they were doing
a very varied set and was curious to hear some rare
stones songs from back in the day.

I stopped it half-way through and have since returned
it.   Hoping that No Direction Home will arrive by the

I found it so contrived that I couldn't stomach it.   I
used to like the Stones a lot, but they are so one-dimensional
in my opinion.  The highlight of my short view was when
Jack White joined Mick for a song.

The whole lead up about the set list not being finalized and
Martin Scorsese mugging at the camera, acting like he
doesn't have control over the band, or the set, or stage...
I felt like I was watching a Monkey's episode with Davey
tied up under a barrel in plain sight of the other band-members.
The pre-show meet and greet with Bill Clinton made my
teeth hurt.

Mick's dancing is so contrived.  Keith and Ronnie stand around
having little discussions while a song is being played, taking
drags from their cigarettes, like they've been placed in the
slammer overnight to sleep off a drunken stupor.  
The music seems to drag, and any edge to phrasing that
Mick's had years ago is gone, gone gone, and with it, the
magic too.   Shattered was shattering.  Some Girls had
as much danger as a Junior prom.  The whole performance
had a desperation feel to it.    I don't get it.

Musically, I don't connect with the stones either.  I've never
hooked up with a gin soaked bar-room queen, so I don't

The Who at their worst are better than what the Stones are
doing on this gig.

Now I know why I've selected the Target over the Tongue!

Joe in Philly

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