WN or quad?

Christopher Cappiello cdowdcappiello at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 23 05:23:19 UTC 2009

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Having an iPod has had an effect on my views of these albums as well. When  
ever a WN song comes up, it stands on it's own very well.  However,  
whenever a Quad song comes up, it seems somewhat out of context with what else  is 
in my music collection. (especially I Am the Sea) (!!)  Generally, I like 
to focus on and listen to Quadrophenia as  an album from start to finish. 
It's like drinking a glass of wine.
Excellent point about the iPod effect. For me, though, I have a different reaction. When a song from WN comes on, I enjoy it on its own merits. But when, say, "Sea and Sand" comes up in the shuffle, I enjoy the song, but have an added satisfaction recalling the brilliant whole that it is part of -- like reading a scene from "King Lear" or watching a scene from "The Godfather." There is an additional level of enjoyment for me knowing it is part of a greater whole. 
WN has some of the band's greatest songs. But if it came to choosing, I'd go with "Quad.' I was a little too young to be aware at the time, but can you imagine those two albums coming out within two years of each other? On the heels of "Tommy," no less...

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