WN or quad?

Dereck Evans delbut98 at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 22 07:33:52 UTC 2009

Quad. Blistering from start to finish. WN is a great album and Baba O R is one of my fav Who songs but as good as "my wife" is, it changes the feel of the band for me coz it's a John song. 

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> Subject: WN or quad?
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> Date: Wednesday, 22 April, 2009, 1:22 AM
> I heard "quadrophenia" all the way through
> earlier. not the first time of 
> course, but now, I'm wondering which album do I like
> better: "quadrophenia" 
> or "who's next". 
> both albums feature the who in their prime, daltrey's
> voice is alot more 
> powerful on "quad" than on "who's
> next", yet on WN, there are songs like 
> "getting in tune" and "the song is
> over" which are too good to resist, and give 
> the album a good balance with all the
> "heavyweights" like "baba" and WGFA. 
> what do YOU guys think?   which one would YOU choose? 
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