Dylan: I'm no "mainstream artist" like Townshend

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Dylan is the only artist that I have walked out on in concert. I can only  
describe his voice these days as that of a 90 year old woman mumbling to 
herself  insanely lol.
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> Date: April 16,  2009 7:52:08 AM CDT
>> Bob Dylan:
>>  He added: "Daltrey, Townshend ... made perfect records, so they   
>> have to play them perfectly ... exactly the way people remember  them.
>> "My records were never perfect. So there is no point in  trying to  
>> duplicate them."
> That's  rubbish.

No kidding!  One of the strongest impressions I took away  from my  
very first Who show (1973) was how different their live show  was from  
what I was expecting, from knowing only their studio  recordings.   
Specifically, See Me, Feel Me on vinyl vs.  live.

> So how can Dylan say that the version played on Live at  Leeds is a  
> duplicate of the original?

Pick  one:

A) He's a miserable lying git

B) He's been fiddling with  the truth so long (reinventing himself,  
making up fake histories for  himself, etc.) that he no longer knows  
what the truth  is

C)  He's remembering the way bands played BEFORE The Who --  e.g., The  
Association, Perry Como, the Beach Boys, etc. -- where the  audience  
expected to hear reproductions of the records, and he  lumped The Who  
in with those (indicating a woeful ignorance of The  Who's live work).

D)  other...

Alan  McKendree
"the average Texan...carries not just a gun but a SHOTGUN."   --Pete  
Townshend,  1967
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