Dylan: "I'm no "mainstream artist" like Townshend

Joe Lewinski lewinski at icanon.com
Thu Apr 16 16:37:34 UTC 2009

Jon wrote a follow-up to Ernie.

 >/dylan's a bit of a "mystery man" anyway, you can never tell with him. 
 >/he's done quite a number of interviews lately, wrote a book, and that
/>/brilliant scorsese doc on him was released, but he's still a puzzle 
to at /least
 >/me. wouldn't want him any other way actually. ha.

/> I don't agree with Dylan about Pete (and Roger) being "mainstream" 
artists. Maybe the others.
 Endless Wire is not mainstream. Pete's solo albums aren't mainstream.
What they talk about certainly isn't mainstream. Perhaps Bob heard too 
much Who's Next on the radio.
 Maybe that album played into the culture, but I don't think most people 
know what it's saying!

 > Jon in Mi

I agree.  Pete has so many dimensions to his music, lyrics, sound, 
performance, inspired pop-culture, etc.,
that one could only label him within the context of a recording or a 
given performance.

Sure, he loves the money success and popularity generate, but he really 
just wants to be free to pursue
and create art on his terms.  He's taken risks with his art that I don't 
think Dylan or anyone else
can be considered in the same orbit.    Come on....a radio play (I loved 
it)...   Come on.... actors on the stage
while the band plays music (It was cutting edge - still is.).   You mean 
actors talk on the album in between songs?
Overt, in-your-face story-telling?  Whaaaaa?    

Joe in Philly

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