Dylan: I'm no "mainstream artist" like Townshend

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> Was the original 1965 version of My Generation really 15 minutes long, 
> and include snippets of the future rock opera "Tommy"?  No.  
> So how can Dylan say that the version played on Live at Leeds is a 
> duplicate of the original?

yeah. good point.   I stand corrected.   I guess dylan either forgot or 
just dosen't know that.     

dylan's a bit of a "mystery man" anyway, you can never tell with him. yeah, 
he's done quite a number of interviews lately, wrote a book, and that 
brilliant scorsese doc on him was released, but he's still a puzzle to at least 
me.  wouldn't want him any other way actually. ha. 

reporter: do you see yourself more as a poet or a musician?

dylan: I see myself more as a song and dance man, y know?


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