'tis heartbreaking

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>> Do you think it has tainted his legacy?
> who rock honors, the kennedy center honors, "rock band" game, large amount
> of people still attending their performances, nope. I doubt it very much.
> and like I said, it's tabloid fodder. don't pay attention to any of that
> nit-picking crap. I have a feeling you're much smarter than that. : )
well... thank you...I understand the Sun is a rag...but even my intelligent 
friends were not sure if he was a child molester - even when he was 
vindicated. Of course I set them straight...but that means that there are 
still so many who probably think the same thing.

Very true about all the positives you mentioned though. That's a relief. It 
just really gets to me when the tabloids put him down like that. I guess 
he's used to it...it really does suck big time though.

Nicely put James!

Thanks guys!  I feel better now...

Suexx  (aka Wholigan of the month, Feb. 2009!)  :)

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