Cut My Hair

Scott Schrade schrade at
Fri Apr 10 18:37:23 UTC 2009

So I'm walking into my local barber shop (Whiskers!) to get
my shit busted & I see a dude in the waiting area with a roundel 
Who shirt on.  It's funny how the eye immediately sees that
symbol & the neurons start firing.

So, I compliment the guy on his shirt & he excitedly starts talk-
ing about how The Who are his all-time favorite group.  "There's
never been a better band," he says to me.

Then he says, "Check this out!" & picks up an OK! magazine 
from the assorted magazines on the little table, thumbs through 
it until he finds what he looking for, & hands it to me.  It's a full-
page spread featuring a lot of photos of Daltrey hanging out at 
some private big-wig party.  And it praised Daltrey for his TCT 
charitable work.  It's the April 6th issue, I believe.

The guy also tells me about all the Who shows he's attended 
since '82 & we even share memories about local Entwistle 
shows.  This dude was really eager to talk Who & me & my 
big mouth could barely get a word in edgewise!

Always fun to meet a fellow Who freak....

- SCHRADE in Akron

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