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> I'm offended, Ernie.  I'm offended that they stopped publishing my  
> favorite 
> newspaper, the Weekly World News.  Most papers just don't have the  guts to 
> print what people really want to know about.  Like about that  adoption 
> agency 
> that was making all that money by shaving bald baby gorillas and  passing 
> them 
> off as humans!

ha!  they really stopped publishing that one?  I'll never forget the first 
time I saw it on a newsstand: "John Lennon still alive". shocking!    and of 
course, the one about a bop on the head transforms church-going, sweet and 
innocent woman into beer-guzzler, wrestling-watcher, loud-talker! (she's taken guys, 
and her husband don't like it one bit!) 

there's still "the onion", the next best thing.

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