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Wed Apr 8 13:40:54 UTC 2009

>oh sure, I used to check them out, but I've 
>grown up since  then. these are the same group of a-holes who made "celebs" 
out of 
>trash  like paris hilton and nicole richie. two girls who, in my opinion, 
>no sex appeal, and no talent whatsoever, and yet they're famous 'cause  "the 
>sun" and others like them put them there (not to mention poorly lit  sex 
>but that's another story). sickening when you think about it.  I can't be 
>about this, I'm sorry if anyone is offended by what I  just said there.
I'm offended, Ernie.  I'm offended that they stopped publishing my  favorite 
newspaper, the Weekly World News.  Most papers just don't have the  guts to 
print what people really want to know about.  Like about that  adoption agency 
that was making all that money by shaving bald baby gorillas and  passing them 
off as humans!
Jon in Mi.
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