The Sun

Wed Apr 8 08:28:16 UTC 2009

someone posted the wikipedia entry on this tabloid, and as you can see, it 
was the one elton John sued for falsely accusing him of having "sexual 
relationships" with rent boys.  they seem to have a fixation with sex and underage 
people, don't they? not to mention, a taste of homophobia as well. 

like I was insinuating, these "gossip rags" shouldn't be taken seriously. all 
they're good for is digging up dirt (true or false), that's it. I'm referring 
to the american tabs as well. oh sure, I used to check them out, but I've 
grown up since then. these are the same group of a-holes who made "celebs" out of 
trash like paris hilton and nicole richie. two girls who, in my opinion, have 
no sex appeal, and no talent whatsoever, and yet they're famous 'cause "the 
sun" and others like them put them there (not to mention poorly lit sex tapes, 
but that's another story). sickening when you think about it. I can't be kind 
about this, I'm sorry if anyone is offended by what I just said there.  I 
mean, I know I'm no better than anyone else, I'd be the first to tell you so, but 
paris and nicole seem to think THEY are, 'ya see?  ha.

if a story with pete comes up, it's highly likely they'll point out the child 
porn mumbo jumbo, using those words and the same terminology and subtlety, no 
matter what the story is in the first place.   if it was an AP or a reuters 
story, news organizations that at least has SOME merit behind them, THEN we can 
all be curious as to why they point that out in that way. 

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