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> mmm... nah.   the way roger is singing these days, I highly, 100% doubt 
> that
> he would be able to do that for real.
> he COULD however do what plant is doing now which is a country / bluegrass
> kind of thing. maybe a Johnny cash tribute album, and since he's so "in 
> love"
> with producer T. bone burnett, and T. bone produced the plant / krauss 
> album, he
> could get him to collaborate. maybe get roseanne cash to chime in. 
> anything's
> possible.
> all due respect to rog, you 'gotta give plant some credit. he knows he 
> can't
> do the zeppelin songs the way he used to, so instead he went a different
> route, and surprisingly succeeded.

And how.
Raising Sand is brilliant.I know the Grammys are a crock to many, but it 
deserved them ALL. I don't think it was a mercy Grammy either. Robert Plant 
has done plenty of solo work and then there was the Plant/Page stuff...there 
were other opportunities for Grammys post Led Zep...but then again one of 
the Grammys was Best Song for a Plant/Page song! (Please Read the Letter).
ah...WHO knows????

Excellent idea on the Rog and T-bone collabortation.  Don't forget, Pete 
already worked with T-bone...way back 1985 maybe? Pete played guitar 
on "Fatally Beautiful" on T-Bone's second solo album...Proof Through the 
Night. Excellent song/album.
Pete is quite enamored of T-Bone too so I don't see why he and Rog just 
don't "GET ON WITH IT" and do a cool cover album with T-Bone but that's just 
beneath Pete I guess...  :( 

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