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> According to close sources, Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey, along with
> Pete's older brother Simon, made a surprise appearance at a small club in 
> Sydney
> the night after their show at the city's Acer Arena. Bouncers and the
> unidentified club's owners had to give some people the boot since the club 
> became too
> jam-packed after word got out that the rock legends were gracing the 
> club's
> small stage. The trio came equipped with acoustic guitars and the club 
> provided
> them their sound system. The stunned patrons were treated to a
> once-in-a-lifetime acoustic set:
> I Can't Explain
> The Seeker
> Anyway Anyhow Anywhere
> Pinball Wizard
> You Better You Bet
> I'm The Answer
> Heart To Hang Onto
> Sheraton Gibson
> Drowned
> Real Good Looking Boy
> Giving It All Away
> Without Your Love
> Behind Blue Eyes
> Who Are You
> I Walk The Line / There You Go / Ring Of Fire
> A Legal Matter
> The Kids Are Alright
> Circles
> Won't Get Fooled Again
> According to a source that was present, it looked like Pete and Roger were
> having alot of fun, and Pete said something to the effect of doing a "Who 
> album
> like this", to which Roger replied, "I can't hear f**k!"
> Pete was overheard after the gig consulting his wife Rachel Fuller about
> doing more gigs like this one in the future.
> Meanwhile, someone who spoke to Simon after the impromptu gig (which ended
> around 1:00am), said that Simon mentioned a Who convention coming to the 
> U.S.
> for the first time next year and that he will be among the special guests. 
> When
> asked who else might appear, he said, "Maybe Irish Jack, Brian Cady, and
> Dougal Butler, but they haven't responded to it yet." On whether Pete or 
> Roger
> might appear? "Oh, I don't know. Maybe not."  Research shows that John 
> Entwhistle
> and Roger Daughtry appeared and performed (along with Pete's father Simon) 
> at
> the very first Who convention in London in 1983.
> The Who are scheduled to perform next at the Equity Stadium in Perth this
> Saturday, April 4th.
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