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According to close sources, Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey, along with 
Pete's older brother Simon, made a surprise appearance at a small club in Sydney 
the night after their show at the city's Acer Arena. Bouncers and the 
unidentified club's owners had to give some people the boot since the club became too 
jam-packed after word got out that the rock legends were gracing the club's 
small stage. The trio came equipped with acoustic guitars and the club provided 
them their sound system. The stunned patrons were treated to a 
once-in-a-lifetime acoustic set:

I Can't Explain
The Seeker
Anyway Anyhow Anywhere
Pinball Wizard
You Better You Bet
I'm The Answer
Heart To Hang Onto
Sheraton Gibson
Real Good Looking Boy
Giving It All Away
Without Your Love
Behind Blue Eyes
Who Are You
I Walk The Line / There You Go / Ring Of Fire
A Legal Matter
The Kids Are Alright
Won't Get Fooled Again

According to a source that was present, it looked like Pete and Roger were 
having alot of fun, and Pete said something to the effect of doing a "Who album 
like this", to which Roger replied, "I can't hear f**k!"   

Pete was overheard after the gig consulting his wife Rachel Fuller about 
doing more gigs like this one in the future. 

Meanwhile, someone who spoke to Simon after the impromptu gig (which ended 
around 1:00am), said that Simon mentioned a Who convention coming to the U.S. 
for the first time next year and that he will be among the special guests. When 
asked who else might appear, he said, "Maybe Irish Jack, Brian Cady, and 
Dougal Butler, but they haven't responded to it yet." On whether Pete or Roger 
might appear? "Oh, I don't know. Maybe not."  Research shows that John Entwhistle 
and Roger Daughtry appeared and performed (along with Pete's father Simon) at 
the very first Who convention in London in 1983. 

The Who are scheduled to perform next at the Equity Stadium in Perth this 
Saturday, April 4th. 

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