Best April Fools of the day

Wed Apr 1 23:43:42 UTC 2009

mmm... nah.   the way roger is singing these days, I highly, 100% doubt that 
he would be able to do that for real. 

he COULD however do what plant is doing now which is a country / bluegrass 
kind of thing. maybe a Johnny cash tribute album, and since he's so "in love" 
with producer T. bone burnett, and T. bone produced the plant / krauss album, he 
could get him to collaborate. maybe get roseanne cash to chime in. anything's 

all due respect to rog, you 'gotta give plant some credit. he knows he can't 
do the zeppelin songs the way he used to, so instead he went a different 
route, and surprisingly succeeded. 

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