Zak Starkey/Penguins/Parker McMillan Club/26-9-08

Sun Sep 28 15:32:12 CDT 2008

THE PENGUINS featuring Zak Starkey, 
Sept 26, 2008 - Parker McMillan Club, London  

Zak Starkey on drums, Shane "Dodger" Devaney (of Black Dove Experiment) on  
guitar, Tatia Starkey (of Belakiss and Zak's daughter) on bass and Sharna Liguz 
 vocals and harmonica.

The club was in the former site of Whitbread  Brewery barrel cellar/store 
room in the City of London. The club  had 5 archway tunnels that where brick 
faced and now lined with canvas pop  art and all local band's upcoming gig 
posters. There wasn't even a purpose built  stage or any gig lighting. There was just 
chandeliers hanging as it in the  Ritz.The crowd was very much a 18-30 (years 
of age) Friday  evening crowd and very city orientated, drinking their 
champagne and just  posing.  Most of the crowd didn't even know that there where 
bands  performing this evening most of the crowd where waiting for the  midnight 
disco to start and where unaware of the 5 band showcase that  started at 9.30 
p.m. . When speaking with some punters they didn't  even know who the Beatles 
or The Who where? Go figure?
Zak was in great spirits and was pleased that he was going to be playing  
with his new family band.This was just there third live performance  ever!  All 
he wanted was for them to be "good and have some fun". He mixed  with the crowd 
prior to show with ease and was not bothered by any one.
The band played 7 numbers and hit the stage at 11.25 p.m. after an  intro of 
The Who's "Can't Explain"  by the club D. J. Unfortunately, from  the start 
there was technical problems with singers Sharna's microphone levels.  It was 
soon resolved and away with the first tune, "EXTRA, EXTRA".this was  followed by 
"JET ENGINES". Sharna played harmonica on an oblong style mike  to give it a 
60's style mod sound. Zak's played a mean snare drum.  
(Don't Give Me) "NO LIPCHILD" was the next song up as originally  performed 
by the Sex Pistols. 
"SPACE INVADERS"  was performed next and Shana said "that this was one  of 
the bands favourite tunes to play". 
The next tune was about no self control "I'M NOT HAVING IT" (?),  
unfortunately, once again there was technical problems and this song was aborted  by Zak 
he achieved this by slicing his neck with his drumstick  in hand to indicate 
to cut the song short.
SWAMP SNAKE was the 6th song of the night made famous by the late  
(Sensational) Alex Harvey. The club was getting hot and steamy by this point and  
everyone needed a beer.
Zak wanted to finish the set but agreed  to play one  last tune song "URBAN 
GORILLA". This tune is  currently being performed by Primal Scream and Sharna 
wanted the  audience "too shake their bum's off" and she threaten everyone  
with her fist that "I'll give you this if you don't". At this stage Zak was  
profusely sweated to the hilt and at the songs conclusion waved to crowed smiled  
and said goodnight.
The band was held together by Zak and really gave his all. The  band seemed 
to be having fun and let's hope for some more gigs soon with a  lighting rig 
and a stage. Maybe they can even be support to The Who on  their next tour?
Best wishes,
Melissa & Gary Hurley


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