Water Sports with Donovan and The Who

Brian Cady brianinatlanta2001 at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 28 09:49:37 CDT 2008

>From an article on Donovan in the Poughkeepsie Journal:

"Sunshine Superman: The Journey of Donovan," a documentary about
Donovan, will be shown Thursday at the Bearsville Theater and next
Sunday at the Rosendale Theater. Donovan will be on hand for a
question-and-answer session after both screenings.

Donovan shares many stories behind his legend. And one tale in
particular - about touring British resort towns in 1965 on a bill with
The Who, Kinks, Hollies and other bands - captivates.

Donovan recounts how he was on stage performing at one show when water
started hitting him in the face, and he didn't know where it was coming
from. He looked down into the orchestra pit and saw Roger Daltrey and
Keith Moon of The Who spraying him with water guns.

 -Brian in Atlanta [who thinks he's VERY lucky it turned out to be water guns]
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