Another Sell Out?

Bruce bkawak at
Mon Sep 22 06:14:15 CDT 2008

from Richard Evans:

"Yes, there is a release of THE WHO SELL OUT Deluxe Edition. It was 
scheduled for an October release but unfortunately (how I hate typing that 
word) it's been pushed back to January by Universal.

Like a lot of you, it's my all-time favourite Who album. It's a double CD - 
with Disc One having the stereo mix and lots of extras. Disc Two is the mono 
mix - which is significantly different - plus lots of extras too. It's all 
been researched and put together by my pal Andy Neill - who someone once 
said looks like me. Can't see it myself!

The one thing I can tell you is that it really does sound amazing. You won't 
be disappointed, I guarantee.

And lastly, here's a teaser . . . it includes 'Sodding About'.



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