Another Sell Out?

Scott Schrade schrade at
Sun Sep 21 18:27:58 CDT 2008

Repost from Relayers:

Hi folks...

Haven;t seen this mentioned here, but this is form Matt Kent's web 

"Just got back from a night out with my old buddy Andy Neill and got a 
sneak preview of the new version of The Who Sell Out that he's been 
working on. Sell Out has been a bit of an obsession with Andy but when 
I first heard that another version was being worked on I thought 'Does 
the world need yet another version of the album' but, after hearing 
it, yes, it does. Whatever has gone before forget it, this will knock 
your tiny little cotton socks off. Lots of new and previously unheard 
material has been unearthed and it's great, no other word for it. All 
set for an October release date to (naturally) tie in with The Who 
tour of the US and Japan I'm sure it'll be a great success."

Sounds good to me!

- Mason

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