Sat Sep 20 17:51:29 CDT 2008

It was another weird and wacky night in the Who camp last night. Roger  
played in the largest tent ever for about 400 people in the middle of a sleepy  
little English village. The event was hosted by Bernie Marsden  
(ex-Whitesnake).The venue was the West Well farm, Tingewick about 20 miles from  Oxford. It was 
the 3rd Party in the Paddock, we have know idea who performed at  the other 
2. All these's Parties are for local charities.
On to business- the night had loads of old time musicians from the past,  all 
50 plus, more like 60 plus. The running order was as follows:
1. The Red Bullets -20 minute set, very young cute band for the  16-30's.
2. Acoustic Whitesnake -2 numbers lasting 10 minutes featuring Fluff  Smith, 
Jim Kirkpatrick and Bernie Marsden
3. Nikki Murray and Fergus-15 minutes featuring Hendrix's Voodoo  Child
4. Jimmy Copley Band -25 minute electric blues set, featuring Rabbit, Ian  
Jennings, Bernie Marsden, Mick Rogers, Paul Spong & Chris White. Rabbit was  
playing Hammond.They played Strange Brew, Everyday I get the blues, All shoke  
up, and without Rabbit a Freddy King Medley. Roger watched the set from the side 
 of the stage with his scarf around his neck.
5. Then for Roger. He played for 75 minutes in total, but was billed  to play 
45 minutes. The musicians that helped him out was Zak, Rabbit, Gary  Nutall 
(guitar) and  Phil Spalding (bass). Simon Townshend was billed to  play, but 
had a terrible abscess from a tooth problem. Roger was concerned about  Simon's 
health issues. He said" he looks a mess and I feel sorry for him".
The tunes,
The Seeker
Kids are Alright
Behind Blue Eyes with a false start
Naked Eye (aborted with technical problems, someone was badly out of  tune)
Summertime Blues- this really got the crowd rockin. Roger sang John's parts  
wonderful and in full force.
Squeeze Box- we haven't heard this one since the By Numbers Tours-It was a  
fantastic treat. Roger had loads of fun singing it too! With great audience  
Pinball Wizard.- unfortunately Roger was getting confused as Gary  Nutall 
didn't know what and where to play the right chords and Roger had to lead  him by 
tapping his foot hard right in front of him.
Naked Eye- second attempt. Roger mentioned this was his favourite tune. 
Ring of Fire- Roger said he loved the tune when he was a boy in Shepherd's  
Born on the Bayou- a Credence song.He fell in love with the tune when  he 
heard it at Woodstock. He was telling tales about his spare time at  Woodstock 
before The Who went on.
Who Are You- was requested by someone in the front row. Rabbit played a  
wonderful freestyle Hammond, but Roger forgot the versus and aborted this song  
after 2 minutes or so. He said he was "FUCKED". And than said the following song 
 will be our last number this evening.
Freedom Ride- by Taj Mahal. It was a strange tune to finish this  set , but 
it worked and Roger was pleased.
Bernie Marsden came on stage to thank Roger and Roger said "he had a good  
Roger was in good vocal form and looked well. He was not happy as he didn't  
have any stage hands to help him with anything. He was so taken back that he 
had  to unwind the microphone lead from around the mike stand. After 3 tunes 
and many  attempts he finally got it untangled and spoke to the mike like it was 
 a child and gave it a slap and told it off- "Don't do it again".   Roger was 
unhappy with the lack of lighting rigs as the stage was so dark.  Zak was 
hard to see. Roger even said he couldn't  see Zak  And Roger was wearing his blue 
spec's too!
BY KNOW MEAN'S CAN WE SUM THIS PARTY UP.It's not the usual who type event.  
The venue was a massive white plastic tent the size of a small village hall. 
The  good thing was the booze was for free as was the pig roast and a veggie 
option.  The was a charitable admission of £60 ($110). We didn't see any familiar 
faces  in the crowd, except for Nobby and Jodi Linscot. Roger left the stage 
around  11.00 without an encore and than he went straight home. 
The night continued on with
6. Marillion acoustic
7. Robbie McIntosh and friends
8. The Fourties-Bernie Marsden, Gary Nutall, Phil Spalding and Zak
9. Bernie Marsden and the Guitar Police featuring Don Airey
And so to bed,
Melissa & Gary Hurley


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