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Thu Sep 18 12:09:08 CDT 2008

This is now up to 130 signatures!

Maria just posted on LLR that she was planning on sending email to Pete on Monday to let him know about this.  Everyone should sign it before then!  Be sure to leave a comment too, so he can read what everyone thinks about the idea.  If you didn't leave one before, but would like to do so now, feel free to contact Maria via the "contact author" link, and she will be happy to add it for you.

Apparently, the petition will stay up until the site is reinstated, so you can still sign after Monday if you want. 


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  There is a new petition to bring back the website.  I think it's a great idea!  If you agree, please sign this and pass it on to your friends!

  Repost from LLR:

  A petition is under way for the relaunch of Pete's old website,

  The petition is not intended for forcing Pete's hand in any way, simply to express the support a decision to relaunch the website would receive from fans. The decision is, as always, his and depends on his wishes and motivations.

  If you support the idea, please go to the link above and sign the petition. If you wish to spread the word, please feel free to do so in any way you see fit. However, I ask you to please not use the Kew website, the blog or the forum, for the purpose: it would not be right to use Rachel's website to promote things that are not about her work, however close she and Pete are.

  The petition will eventually be delivered to Pete.

  Maria Niku


  As I said in my reply post on LLR, I don't view a site as competition to the official Who site or any of the fan sites.  Pete has always maintained a separate site for his solo work in the past, so now that the Who site is well established, I think it would be great if he brought that back.  The more sites the merrier!


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