My Generation...Gap

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Tue Sep 16 07:13:25 CDT 2008

Susan DeSimone
My Generation...Gap

>Mr. Music teacher picked his jaw up off the floor and said, "Class, The Who are the BEST
>band on planet earth. If you EVER have the chance to see them GO!"


>She said, "MOM, we were discussing graphics and MODERN things...Pete's ancient!"

Booooo!!!  ;-)

>Lucky for my child I don't believe in corporal punishment.

My feeling exactly while putting my then 4yo to bed after the Baltimore Virgin+ Festival and he was muttering about "Chilli Peppers...Chilli Peppers."
Next morning though, all he could talk about was The Who.

>It's just sad that she really can't fathom how lucky she was. (If it had been Green Day's >Billy Joe or Jack White she certainly would have, though!).

I can guarantee you when she gets a bit older (high school,, the gravity of that encounter will hit her.  She will brag.  She will have the photo somewhere in her office.
The kid will be a'ight!

Great story, Susan!
Thanks for sharing.

Kevin in VT

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