My Generation...Gap

Susan DeSimone suesjoy at
Tue Sep 16 06:22:32 CDT 2008

Out of the mouths of babes...

My 10 year old daughter (a 5th grader) attends the Taipei American School.

Last week in music class, her teacher was discussing the use of graphics at concerts.

My darling daughter Anjoli chimed in about how she was absolutely awed by the graphics and videos at The Who show I took her to at the Hollywood Bowl in 2006. (I think that's the year! Last tour).

All the kids said,"huh? wah?" None of them had ever heard of the Who.

Mr. Music teacher picked his jaw up off the floor and said, "Class, The Who are the BEST band on planet earth. If you EVER have the chance to see them GO!"

Anjoli told me this little story, and I said: "Well, Anju did you tell your teacher that you MET Pete Townshend????"

She said, "MOM, we were discussing graphics and MODERN things...Pete's ancient!"

Lucky for my child I don't believe in corporal punishment.

Why I outtta..................!

I think I'll email her teacher a picture we had taken of the two of us with Pete!

Pete was SOO  sweet to us - he was joking and made a funny face then smiled big and even schooched down for us! It's just sad that she really can't fathom how lucky she was. (If it had been Green Day's Billy Joe or Jack White she certainly would have, though!).

She had SUCH a blast at the HB show though- we danced pretty much the whole night!  :)


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