The Who recieve Kennedy Center Honors Dec. 8

Wed Sep 10 19:52:57 CDT 2008

forget pete and roger. I think we're all aware of streisand's strong 
left-wing stance and she's actually gonna share the box with W.? not to mention him 
putting that kennedy center honor ribbon around her neck like she's being 
knighted?  wow.  plus, daltrey and streisand did a music video together as you all 
probably know, so they might be sitting together. who knows?

I think it's a bit "out of the way" for them to honor the who actually. and 
too early. they're the only "group" I'm aware of who have recieved this honor. 
not the beatles, not the stones, not zeppelin, and, well, you would think 
those bands would get this honor before the who did.  

these "honors" are a bit of a joke anyway. they only honor these people when 
they're still alive which I think is a bit unfair. 
makes for good TV though and I guess that's what they're going for. 

as for the "tribute performers". well, if streisand can be HONORED by W. let 
alone be in the same room with him, then I guess pearl Jam could perform if 
they wanted to.  how about U2? there's a good choice I think. 


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