Playing Shea with The Who

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Tue Sep 9 05:44:13 CDT 2008

>From the new Clash autobiography, a section printed in today's The Times of London:


Joe Strummer: We played Shea Stadium with The Who and it was fun to play Career Opportunities in a place like that, when six years earlier we'd written it in Camden Town. It's things like that, though, that make the world so interesting. Playing Shea Stadium was weird because there are some 90,000 people in there but at least 10,000 of them are constantly on the move, getting burgers or taking a leak, so it's like you're playing to loads of people milling around. But fun, all the same. I think it was the unexpected success of Rock the Casbah combined with the fact that we were so tired; tired of each other, tired of the road, tired ofthe studio. We were burnt out. It just blew us apart.

Paul Simonon: During the Shea Stadium gig and on the other dates of that tour, Pete Townshend would come into our dressing room and we'd have a game offootball. At Shea he said: “Come back to our dressing room,” so we did, and there was Daltrey and all these miserable gits sitting around who wouldn'ttalk to us. So Pete came back to our dressing room with us. 

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