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>From a new interview in Gay City News:

Two seminal figures of the 1970s and '80s -- actor Keith Carradine and
director Ken Russell -- are joining forces to bring Anthony Horowitz's
suspenseful play "Mindgame" to the Soho Playhouse, opening November 9...

..."Tommy" is another imperishable Russell work, with Ann-Margret at her
most feral. I mentioned that strange dichotomy between her ladylike
off-screen demeanor and sizzling porno persona on the screen. "I know
what you mean," he agreed, "it's like that other actress who surprised
me, watching 'The Fugitive Kind' the other day -- Joanne Woodward. In
it, she's dyyynamite! 

"Ann-Margret writhing in all those
baked beans was sexy. She'd cut her hand dancing toward the telly and I
had to rush her to the hospital, covered in beans and chocolate in a
silver cat suit, bleeding profusely. The next afternoon, she was very
white but she was a plucky girl and we still filmed.

"I don't
know if you know her husband, Roger Smith, but he was a real control
freak, and he walked into the studio when she was in the beans and
nearly had a heart attack. It wasn't his image of her at all!

"Everyone warned me about working with impossible rock stars, but they
were all as good as gold. Keith Moon was only late once, and it was the
assistant's fault, but he pointed to his chin and said, 'Go on, Ken.
That's the spot. Hit me -- give it all you got!' Lovely man -- I was in
his hotel room once and he had the window open and the hotel porter was
walking across the lawn. He looked up and saw Keith, who said, 'You
still haven't taken the telly for repair yet!' 'I'm sorry, Mr. Moon,
I'll be right up!' 'Don't worry - it's coming down,' and Keith threw it
out the window."
 -Brian in Atlanta
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