Kilburn/Coliseum DVD review

Bruce bkawak at
Wed Oct 29 17:38:01 CDT 2008

Someone who pre-ordered the 2DVD from PBS got it today.  I'm a bit worried the Coliseum show may not only be incomplete but not able to be seen in order (ie IOW '70).  Sounds like two source tapes may have been used?


Back in August (page 3 of this thread) when it was broadcast on MD public television you could get the DVD for a $100 pledge. I figured it was worth the promise they made that it would ship before street date, considering I can deduct everything but the MSRP from my taxes. So here it is 

Checking out the London Coliseum 1969 show on disc 2: the main track list is a selection from the show: the bonus feature is the complete unedited performances (with Pete's introductions) of 'A Quick One' and 'Tommy.' We all know the filming of London was rather underexposed so in the main feature on disc two it appears those numbers that suffered the worst or had audio glitches are edited or not included (most of Tommy is not in the main feature). In the bonus section both operas are complete even with the really really dark portions, film scratches, missing shots (audio intact), reel lead-in noise, etc. Pete's introductions are longer in the bonus segment as well.

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