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Sat Oct 25 09:30:13 CDT 2008

what an amazing show last night !!!
and what about the warm up band !!! so much WHO !! inspired...
did anyone catch there name??mike xx> From: Lowgens02 at> Date: Sat, 25 Oct 2008 09:51:37 -0400> Subject: Re: Boston Review> To: thewho at> > > > Bloody fantastic review Jim, it was worth the wait! I'm pumped for Izod and > Borgata! Driving 1,200 miles for these two shows :)> > > Mike> > > In a message dated 10/25/2008 9:47:47 AM Eastern Daylight Time, > nakedi at writes:> > --------------------------------------------------> From: <lowgens02 at>> >> > Short review lol......> > That's all I could muster, my brain was mush last night. Still is, kinda. > All I can say is, if you weren't sure about going...go. They've stepped it > up a notch from last tour, in my opinion. Pete was having a ball and > playing like a mad man. Roger's in great voice, although he does have times > where he has to dig down deep. It was like watching a great athlete reach > down and pull out a performance for the ages. It definitely wasn't easy for > Roger last night, but he knocked it out of the park when we needed it. > Honestly, I thought he had given everything he had and they would have to > cut out Tea & Theatre. But after a couple of minutes to recover, Roger > delivered probably the best version I've heard him do. Stunning. Sister > Disco was absolutely the balls!> > > What was the setlist Jim?> > OK, doing this from memory and using Brian's Hamilton set as an aid, so > consider this unofficial. I think I got the all the songs right, but the > order might be a little screwy.> > Can't Explain> The Seeker> Anyway Anyhow Anywhere> Fragments> Who Are You> Behind Blue Eyes> Real Good Looking Boy> Sister Disco> Baba O'Riley> Getting in Tune> Eminence Front> Sea and Sand> 5:15> Love Reign O'er Me> My Generation> Won't Get Fooled Again> > Encore:> > Pinball Wizard> Amazing Journey> Sparks (with a Little Cap'n Walker thrown in)> See Me, Feel Me> Tea and Theatre> > The third oldie has been different each night. We lost Magic Bus/Naked Eye > in the encore and gained Sea & Sand in the main set. I like the way they're > making each show a little different. I think that's all most of us have > been asking for, although Tattoo would have been nice!> > Jim > > > > > **************A Good Credit Score is 700 or Above. See yours in just 2 easy > steps! > (> ooter)> _______________________________________________> TheWho mailing list> TheWho at>

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