Pete on religulous

Susan DeSimone suesjoy at
Fri Oct 24 08:15:04 CDT 2008

"Pete is a seeker. 

He wrote a song called The Seeker. 

Being a seeker implies that you want to know the truth. 

It is rather easy to point out what is false. 

Religions may be false.
God Himself is not false.
To find Him, you must honestly want to. 
Gold miners are not discouraged by the mountain of worthless dirt that hides the gold. 

Some say "Look at all the dirt!"

I'd like to join Pete in both looking for and finding the gold. "
Jon in Mi. 

NICE, Jon.

Swho the Buddhist Nudist ;) - I swear I am going to start my own Buddhist Nudist Monestary one day!
We'll chant only Who and night.

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