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Thu Oct 23 19:39:57 CDT 2008

My Wife, (sorry, cheap Who reference to start posting)  and a good friend
went with me to Hamilton, Ontario last night.  The only Canadian date on
this tour.  Lenny Kraviz was already booked into the Air Canada Centre in
Toronto, so the Who opted for Hamilton.

The show was great.  It was nice to see a variety in the set list.  Naked
Eye, Sister Disco!   Wow, i missed them in previous tours.  I also missed
Mike Post Theme.  Am i the only person who loves that song?!

Rog forgot the words to at least four songs including My Generation.  I know
he hasn't sung it much in his career, so i cut him some slack.  Actually, i
was ready to go up on stage and replace him.  Lucky for all, i didn't.  :-)

Pete was fine!  Played great.  Pino did john-like bass in My Generation.  It
was great to hear.  I thought he should have done a solo in 5:15, but no
such luck.   Zak and Simon are incredible.  

The last couple of tours have been a sea of 40 year old fat balding white
guys, myself included.   This time there were TEENAGERS and KIDS in the
show.  I asked a 12 year old in front of me if he had seen them before.  :-)

He proudly showed me he was wearing his mom's t-shirt from '82.   She was
quite proud. I asked how he got into the Who and he told me that it was CSI.
Mom saw he liked the credits, dusty off an old album and the boy was hooked.

It was cold in Hamilton last night, so Pete came out with winter coat on.
Played the first song with it on.  Took the mick out of us.  Then he removed
it and continued.

No video recorded?   Wtf?   I was counting on it.  Well there is always the
encore cds....

In 2008 the Who continue to amaze.  The opening act was ok,  Inward Eye.
Kind of like the clash and the police mashed together.   But the old farts
kicked the young'uns ass!

Thanks Pete, i needed that!
Mike in Mississauga

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