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>>From Page Six:
> SOME fans of The Who, who know of Pete Townshend's deep spirituality, were 
> surprised to hear "The Seeker" on the soundtrack of Bill Maher's
> antireligion documentary, "Religulous." So Page Six contacted
> Townshend, who replied by e-mail: "Bill Maher is a comedian. I am a
> songwriter. I have faith in what I would call God, but I am not a
> religious man. I don't want to press my views on other people. Maher
> seems to have the wish to question and make fun of the sanity of we
> believers. I'm happy to say I'd prefer to be my kind of crazy than his
> kind of cynical, but . . . we live in a free society . . . Maher's film
> is not an important moment in the history of religion . . . So when I
> first refused the use of my song (for a very modest fee by the way) and
> Maher badgered me, I decided to allow it. If you have problems with
> this film, talk to Bill Maher. If you really want to know where I am on
> my spiritual journey, listen to the song."
> -Brian in Atlanta
> The Who This Month!
I have to say, I am VERY MUCH the same as Pete in my approach to 
religion...but that could be due to the fact that Pete set me on a path of 
"A Seeker" ever since he wrote an article for Rolling Stone in the mid 70s 
on Meher Baba and the Avatar's brand of mysticism . Thank God (pun intended) 
he opened my eyes to other ways of thinking beyond the Catholic Church.
I have no desire whatsoever to belong to any form of organized religion, but 
I pretty much put my life in God's hands. I would never condemn or ridicule 
those who DO participate in organized religion - although one thing I cannot 
stand is when people try to shove their choice of religion down others' 

I used to be a fan of Bill Maher when he hosted Politically Incorrect. That 
was an awesome show...but now, for some reason I just cannot stomach his 
arrogance and cynicism...and I am about as liberal as they get. (I only see 
snippets of his show on YouTube since I live in Taipei now).

Once again Pete in his eloquence is able to enunciate my feelings better 
than I could myself... that I would much rather be "my kind of crazy than 
his (Maher's) kind of cynical."

(I do hear what Scott was saying though...that religion today is divisive 
and even destructive. This is why I choose not follow any particular 


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