Nokia Theatre

Kimberly Hancock khanc1965 at
Wed Oct 22 17:27:45 CDT 2008

Lori wrote:

>Although I've been on this list for years, I'll admit, I rarely have the
>time to read it, and even less to post.

Don't worry, Lori. I am in the same boat. 

>James and I are in Northern CA and are on the fence about going, you know,
>economy, etc.
>We have tickets to both nights, so if we do go.... who else is going?  Are
>there any plans before or after the shows?
>Where are you staying?   We booked a room at the Hotel Figueroa, but after
>reading some recent reviews, I'm thinking of changing.
>Where does The Who stay?  Will they be over at the place on Sunset, where
>they stayed a few years ago (drawing a blank on the hotel name at this

My husband and I are in San Francisco and will not miss this show 
for the world.  Especially after we saw them in LA this
summer at the VH1 Rock Honors and thought it a disappointing show.
We know they can do much better and it just made us ache for a
really good Who show. I have high expectations for this show especially
after seeing the Detroit set list and reviews.  Don't miss it!  
After reading lots of hotel reviews on Tripadviser, we are staying at the
downtown Sheraton as it is not too expensive ( rate)
and is apparently only a few blocks from the Nokia Theatre.
We would also be interested in meeting some Who fans from the list as
as well if there are any plans to meet in LA. 

Hope to see you there.


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