Nokia Theatre

Lori Anderson andelori at
Wed Oct 22 11:00:23 CDT 2008

Hi All,

Although I've been on this list for years, I'll admit, I rarely have the
time to read it, and even less to post.

However, given the upcoming Nokia theatre shows, I've been searching for
comments on the event.

James and I are in Northern CA and are on the fence about going, you know,
economy, etc.

We have tickets to both nights, so if we do go.... who else is going?  Are
there any plans before or after the shows?
Where are you staying?   We booked a room at the Hotel Figueroa, but after
reading some recent reviews, I'm thinking of changing.
Where does The Who stay?  Will they be over at the place on Sunset, where
they stayed a few years ago (drawing a blank on the hotel name at this

On the other hand if anyone wants to talk us out of our tickets (Orch V-Nov
8 and Orch CC-Nov 9), we could possibly be convinced!



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