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Wed Oct 22 09:48:36 CDT 2008

Well here's what happened to me last night...
Cynthia swooped into my town and we went to the show from my house, which is practically across the street from the Palace. You see, the Palace of Auburn Hills is one of the few venues left that isn't named after a corporation. 
So we went. 

I had to finish working on my deck, so we left at around 8. Just in time to get some dip n dots and something to eat and a beer before they came on. 

Well, not quite

Since she brought the tickets, I didn't bother to ask where we were sitting. For all I knew, it was up top somewhere. Then as we followed the usher, we were escorted down, down, down to ROW 1 and over, over, directly in front of Pete!! 

Being the cynic that I am, I couldn't believe it. 
It wasn't 2 minutes later and out they came. I furiously tried to eat my dip n dots because I like them but I also wanted to rock and I didn't want Pete to look out and see me eating while they were playing. But I couldn't hide, so I ditched those dots.

They launched into ICE, followed by the Seeker. Man, Roger was strong! Pete was just on fire the whole night. I've never heard Roger sound better. He just nailed LROM

There was a lot of stage banter and very much love shown for my suffering town. Pete talked about his 56 lincoln continental that he still owns that was made right here. I was truly touched by their humanity.

You've all seen the Setlist by now, but it was a super treat to hear totally unexpected songs like Getting In Tune, Tattoo and Sister Disco and they did them great. 
But what got me last night was this:

At every Who show I go to, I look for a  message that Pete delivers to those that may want to hear it. He knows what he is doing and it seems he takes a particular interest in each city that they play.      
Last night he spoke of the Grande Ballroom several times and in his eyes I saw the intensity as he kept repeating the phrase "I'm gonna get on my skates and roll!" Tears shot to my eyes as I felt this powerful shot of optimism. 

Things are the way they are. 

In this life and in our situation, we are confronted with a choice. We have to make it. 

Either we can blame others and complain, be negative and die, or we can do what I'm gonna do.

I'm gonna find me some skates and roll. 

I know what the skates are. 

This show was awesome!!

Get out there while you still can. 

Jon in Mi. 
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