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Jim M nakedi at
Wed Oct 22 05:21:12 CDT 2008

From: "Bruce" <bkawak at>

> Tattoo
> Getting in Tune

Thanks, Bruce, now I can believe Jon's texts!!!

Wouldn't it be great to be sitting next to the guy who filmed this so you 
can hear when they last played each song?  Behind Blue Eyes comes on..."Wow, 
they haven't played this for three months"!  But did he say it's been 35 

Getting very pumped for Boston now.  My premonition this morning, Slip Kid 
from VT won't get that song, but he may get the one his boat is named for. 
Now we'll find out if I'm clairvoyant.

Here are a couple more clips Mark posted to LLR....

Sister Disco

My Generation

Jim M 

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