Torrent: Auburn Hills, MI 10/21/08

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Wed Oct 22 03:52:37 CDT 2008

Now that's quick service!

The Who
October 21, 2008 [Opening night]
The Palace of Auburn Hills
Auburn Hills, MI

Lineage: SPSM1>Sony MZ-NH700>SP Batt Bax w/ B.R.O. @ 195>SonicStage>CDWave>FLAC(6)
Location: Section 219, row 2, seat 2
Taper: VH Drummer (aka Zach T)
Grade: A-

Note to any mods: The Who are not running their Encore Series this mini tour so this show has no plans to be officially released.

1. Introduction
2. I Can't Explain
3. The Seeker
4. Getting In Tune
5. Fragments
6. Who Are You
7. Behind Blue Eyes
8. Tattoo
9. Baba O'Riley
10. Relay
11. Sister Disco
12. Mike Post Theme
13. Eminence Front
14. 5:15
15. Love Reign O'er Me
16. My Generation
17. Won't Get Fooled Again
18. Magic Bus
19. Pinball Wizard
20. Amazing Journey
21. Sparks
22. See Me, Feel Me
23. Tea & Theatre

Wow. Not the tightest performance but it was opening night. The song selection was fantastic and completely unpredictable.  The sound is classic Palace sound---big, boomy and heavy. There are some scratches when either someone in my row got up or I had to readjust the mic due to security. Overall a nice recording and in my opinion, an absolute MUST HAVE for Who fans. Please do not sell or redistribute this recording in lossy formats. Thank you and enjoy.

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