Pete on Religulous

Scott Schrade schrade at
Mon Oct 20 19:15:52 CDT 2008

> I'm happy to say I'd prefer to be my kind of crazy than his
> kind of cynical, 

Regrettably, that's a misconception about free-thinkers (humanists,
agnostics, atheists, etc.).  We're not cynical (I'm an atheist).  We're 
absolutely thrilled to be living on this kick-ass planet, in this kick-ass 
universe!  Science is our light & it fills us with excitement & wonder.

What people like Bill Maher & I are *concerned* about is the fact 
that it's the 21st century & humanity is still embroiled in divisiveness,
hatred, & even murder -- based around superstitious, mythological
ideas from thousands of years ago.  That's both sad & frightening.

But I must applaud Pete for allowing the song to be used in Maher's
film.  I've seen the movie.  It's mostly hilarious & even contains a few 
touching moments.  Check it out.

- SCHRADE in Akron

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