Mick Fleetwood on Pete and Rog

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Wed Oct 15 09:31:37 CDT 2008

>From This Is Surrey Today:

So what motivates Fleetwood to keep touring and recording into his 60s?

a musician, and it's like asking BB King or Eric Clapton or Elton John
and you go, 'My God, they're still playing', but it's because we like
what we do. We started this to do what we're doing now – which is
playing. There's a sense of commitment to being an artist and you're
driven to do that and you're not really complete unless you do it.

"Having said that, there are people that are quite happy to be famous, retire and start planting potatoes, and that's fine too.

a reason why Pete Townsend and Roger Daltrey are still playing - we all
love to play, and God knows all of us could have retired 20 lives over.
It's not about money - it's about what we do and how much we love it."

 -Brian in Atlanta
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