Roger Daltrey wants Amy & Carl for Quadrophenia

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Wed Oct 8 06:12:43 CDT 2008

>From The Evening Standard:

Roger Daltrey wants Amy & Carl for Quadrophenia

Roger Daltrey wants to turn his cult movie Quadrophenia into a West End musical - and would love Carl Barat and Amy Winehouse, to star in it.

The Who legend produced the 1979 flick about mods and rockers, and told us he would love to bring it to life on stage. 
Roger, who larked around with the much taller Chris Martin backstage, said: "It would make a great musical. "The biggest problem with it is getting a visual narrative that at least gives people some idea of what's going on." 

We're told that Daltrey would want a star-studded cast in the musical, and Barat and Winehouse's names were in the frame.

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