Petition to re-open Pete's official website PETETOWNSHEND.COM

Maria Niku mr.wisty at
Wed Oct 1 04:48:43 CDT 2008

Hi all,

We have now a petition going on for Pete to re-open his old website,

The aim of the petition is not to force Pete to do anything (if that
is even possible), but simply to show how important the website was
for the fans and the support they would give for its reopening. Also,
there is the very concrete purpose of showing that there are quite a
lot of people who would use the website - not an insignificant
consideration and not necessarily self-evident as things are now. The
decision is, as always, his and depends on his wishes and motivations.

The petition opened on 14 September and is currently at 289
signatures. Information about it was sent to Pete a week ago on monday
and he IS aware of it. However, the petition remains open and
signable. An update will be sent to Pete in a week or two, so it's
very much worth signing (and posting a comment if you want to).
Thanks! :)



"There once was a note, pure and easy, playing so free like a breath
rippling by. The note is eternal, I hear it, it sees me, forever we
blend it, forever we die."

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