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Sun Nov 30 07:26:30 PST 2008

I just watched the most boring rendition of BBE ever on The Who's official youtube page.? Why on earth would the band?put this up there?? Pete stays pretty expressionless and still throughout... no real movement, windmills, jumps or anything.? Of course Rog hides behind that stupid acoustic guitar that no one can hear (see also Who are You since 2001) and doesn't participate beyond merely singing the words.? They were going through the motions.?In fact, Roger is participating less and less in the visual nature of Who shows these days and relying on Pete and the video screens to fill the gap.? THAT'S not The Who.? All one has to do is watch Mick Jagger in Shine a Light to realize that Roger, who is certainly in as good of physical condition as Mick, could pull his weight on stage as he used to in the glory days just like Mick does today.? With his voice clearly deteriorating, he should be doing more visually to make up for it.? People should walk out of the show saying, "Well, Roger's voice isn't what it used to be, but damn he puts on a great show."? I think it's time for The Who to hang it up.? Roger is not willing or able to keep up anymore, and Pete is probably tired of having to carry him night after night.


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