Kilburn 1977 audio problems

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> Keith to Pete "You look like a bleedin' plumber!" :)

ha!   I swear, I was in hysterics when I saw that. good stuff. smart idea to 
put the subtitles there so no one would miss the jokes. 

I hope this dosen't make me seem like a wuss or anything like that but, as 
I'm sure most of you know, I'm a "young who fan", currently in my 20's, got into 
them OFFICIALLY beginning in 1996, saw them for the first time in camden in 
2000, and I have to say it's very nice to see these DVDs being released that 
feature the REAL who, with keith and the ox intact. obviously, nothing can beat 
actually attending a gig, but seeing this DVD (as well as that boot of the 
houston 75 one) made me realize how great the band was in their prime, what a 
great presence and drummer keith really was, and it makes me realise (and I'll 
understand if some of you will disagree with me on this), that the "who" now 
live is actually extremely tame and quite hokey, even though the band was 
electrifying when I first saw them in 2000 (my second and last time at Jones beach in 
02 wasn't so bad either, but the volume was a bit lower. missing that "ox" 
flavor I guess). 

in other words, young people might be turned onto them through video games 
and hearing their songs in lame TV shows and commercials and whatnot, but it's 
when you see them play, especially in their prime,is when you REALLY become a 
fan. (I myself REALLY became a fan when I saw them do songs from "quadrophenia" 
at the prince's trust concert when it aired on HBO. good example there.)

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