Kilburn Review

Bruce bkawak at
Sat Nov 22 14:24:38 CST 2008

> London '69:  I'm so glad they tacked this on as bonus material.
> As dark as this footage sometimes is, it couldn't have stood alone
> as a separate release.
> The footage is choppy at times with quick bright flashes on occasion
> when the picture goes out.

That's the film as it runs out.  With three cameras using 12m rolls that's 
going to happen.

The long shots are often a bit blurry.
> Other shots are a bit grainy.

That's because the brightness was turned up all the way in post production 
to try to make it look better.

But who gives a shit.  This is The Who
> firing on all cylinders.
> The band is at that perfect balance of well-rehearsed yet raw.
> Moon (yet again) is unbelievable.  It's difficult to take your eyes
> off him.

Pete (onstage Stafford 1975) of Keith "A f*ckin star!"

> The sound is great.  All instruments & vocals are clearly present.
> The soundtrack would make a wonderful CD.

I'm sure this is being done in households around the world.  I know several 
who are making DVDs with the show in sequence

> Some of the Daltrey shots are reminiscent of Woodstock - that
> low-to-the-right close-up camera angle.  Poor OX doesn't even
> have a spotlight on him much of the time!  As the booklet states,
> the concert was lit for performance, not filming.
> I was surprised to see the familiar YMB footage (TKAA) actually
> use other camera angles than stage left!

Notice the film glitches, not on TKAA?  This film was dying quickly they had 
to put it out.


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