Kilburn Review

Scott Schrade schrade at
Sat Nov 22 14:40:44 CST 2008

Kilburn's already been discussed.  Again, it's a wildly entertaining
show & no where near the train wreck it was made out to be.
Pete's completely on fire.  The hottest I've ever seen.  Moon is
surprisingly energetic (for his condition) & seems to be having the
most fun out of everyone.

Some songs are "fresh turds" (as Pete comments after "Dreaming
>From the Waist," when Daltrey forgets much of the lyrics) but the
majority are just fine.  Ferocious, in fact.  The sound throughout
is wonderful.

London '69:  I'm so glad they tacked this on as bonus material.
As dark as this footage sometimes is, it couldn't have stood alone
as a separate release.

The footage is choppy at times with quick bright flashes on occasion
when the picture goes out.  The long shots are often a bit blurry.
Other shots are a bit grainy.  But who gives a shit.  This is The Who
firing on all cylinders.

The band is at that perfect balance of well-rehearsed yet raw.
Moon (yet again) is unbelievable.  It's difficult to take your eyes
off him.

The sound is great.  All instruments & vocals are clearly present.
The soundtrack would make a wonderful CD.

Some of the Daltrey shots are reminiscent of Woodstock - that
low-to-the-right close-up camera angle.  Poor OX doesn't even
have a spotlight on him much of the time!  As the booklet states,
the concert was lit for performance, not filming.

I was surprised to see the familiar YMB footage (TKAA) actually
use other camera angles than stage left!

The main chunk of the show has some edits (AQO, & TOMMY)
but at least they made the full performances available as bonus

Grade:  A

- SCHRADE in Akron

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