The Who Mailing list will be down 11/28 - 11/30

Alan McKendree amck at
Fri Nov 21 10:55:58 CST 2008

Thanks Paul!

>Hi all,
>The machine that runs the mailing list is so old that it is no 
>longer  supported by my hosting provider.  For the past few weeks, I 
>have been  configuring a new server.  The final step is migrating 
>the mailing  lists.  In order to migrate them, the lists have to be 
>deactivated  during the move.  I will be taking the list down Friday 
>morning 11/28  at 9am.  I expect to have it back up and running by 
>6pm on Sunday  11/30.  Actually, if all goes well, it will be sooner 
>than that.  Any  posts sent during the downtime will be queued.
>I will send out a reminder once the migration begins and another 
>note  once the migration is complete.  There should be no visible 
>changes as  a result of the move.
>- Paul -

"the average Texan...carries not just a gun but a SHOTGUN."
     --Pete Townshend, 1967

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