FW: Kilburn 1977 audio problems

O'Neal, Kevin W. Kevin.ONeal at vtmednet.org
Wed Nov 19 12:10:25 CST 2008

>Benn Kempster
>Kilburn 1977 audio problems
>>He very easily could have gotten back in peak physical shape had he not died
>Not sure how you can say that.  Keith was in complete denial of his problem with substances

But, TKAA reaction had him reeling and I'd say caused him to face the facts.

>can you imagine a non-drinking/smoking/cocaine and pill taking Keith in a gym or pounding the pavements?

Never under-estimate the will of the human spirit.
I for one *know* he could.
I spoke to him about it.

Sorry, "I've been away so long..."
Busy, busy, busy.

Had a great time in Boston.
I agreed with comments about how the canned synth-work songs (WGFA, etc.) seem to suck the life out of Pete.
I think he just needs new material and always desires to stay current.  I'm sure he still loves the staples, but you can tell he goes into automatic pilot.
I was a bit disappointed with the same set-list.
I'm not sure I'd go to another show of the same set (yeah, sure).
Come up with new material, or dig back deep into the oldies and mix it up, or come out with a Quad production of an album or two.
Best yet, tour with a full Who (or whaddeva you want to call the current band) production of Lifehouse.

*THAT* is their unfinished work.
*THAT* is what still lights Pete's fire.

Back to work....
Kevin in VT

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