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>He very easily could have gotten back in peak physical shape had he not died

Not sure how you can say that.  Keith was in complete denial of his problem with substances - acknowledging them only in almost a mock-serious way.  Fact is that, like John, he enjoyed the way he could take what he did and had decided for himself that it was "his way or the highway".  Clearly, the fact that Keith had 'tried' to get himself treatment and had failed miserably showd just how tough it would be for him to stop; can you imagine a non-drinking/smoking/cocaine and pill taking Keith in a gym or pounding the pavements?  Can you also imagine the legion of hangers-on leaving him alone for long enough for him to be able to let it all go?  
Also, and as tough as it sounds, Pete and Roger (and to a lesser extent John too) were only prepared to put the ball in Keith's court in terms of him helping himself to clean up as opposed to rallying around and *doing it for him*; their attitude was that Keith was in a self-destruct path and that meant the destruction of The Who and if Keith wouldn't do it for himself, then he would have to get on with it - they weren't going to be dragged down with him.  I honestly believe that they thought Keith WAS capable of sorting himself out, but by that stage, it was too late.
You're absolutely right that he's on top form at this show, but his drumming on WAY is little short of woeful for a set of Keith 
performances and by Shepperton, as the footage from TKAA shows, he was exhausted at the end of literally every song; I find it hard to believe that had they gone out on tour in 1977/1978, he would have survived.

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Ok, I desperately need some help here.? Did anyone else find Pete's guitar almost inaudible for most of the show and John's bass almost overwhelming?? While I love John's stupendous bass work, I need to be able to hear Pete's power chords loud and clear to fully enjoy the show.? I'm watching it now and can't hear Pete's chord work at all, and must strain to hear his soloing.? It's like listening to the vocals, bass and drums from a board recording and Pete's guitar from an audience boot.? Is there some setting I need to change to get Pete's guitar?? I'm listening to DFTW and can't hear Pete at all.



PS- Anyone who said that Keith's drumming career was over by this point hadn't seen this show.? While he was overweight and not entirely on top of his game, he clearly still had the typical Moon fire, speed and skill.? He very easily could have gotten back in peak physical shape had he not died and continued as the Who's drummer indefinitely.
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