Kilburn 1977 audio problems

sroundtable at sroundtable at
Mon Nov 17 23:29:04 CST 2008

Ok, I desperately need some help here.? Did anyone else find Pete's guitar almost inaudible for most of the show and John's bass almost overwhelming?? While I love John's stupendous bass work, I need to be able to hear Pete's power chords loud and clear to fully enjoy the show.? I'm watching it now and can't hear Pete's chord work at all, and must strain to hear his soloing.? It's like listening to the vocals, bass and drums from a board recording and Pete's guitar from an audience boot.? Is there some setting I need to change to get Pete's guitar?? I'm listening to DFTW and can't hear Pete at all.



PS- Anyone who said that Keith's drumming career was over by this point hadn't seen this show.? While he was overweight and not entirely on top of his game, he clearly still had the typical Moon fire, speed and skill.? He very easily could have gotten back in peak physical shape had he not died and continued as the Who's drummer indefinitely.

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