50 Million Fables

Scott Keller shkeller55 at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 15 17:30:12 CST 2008

These guys were great and I'd go see them again.  They only got to play one set as they were opening for another band.  They did mostly original material and you could hear the Who influence, then near the end they did an energetic version of The Seeker.  I met the drummer Billy "Brew" Pope afterward and he said they've seen The Who something like nine times.  He said they can do almost everything on Who's Next.  They had planned to do My Wife last night but ran out of time.

I'm hoping we can make it to their December 20 gig in Duluth, GA.  If you're in the Atlanta area you might want to check them out.

 Scott H. Keller
shkeller55 at yahoo.com 

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I just found out about this band called 50 Million Fables.  We're going to see them tomorrow night in Stone Mountain, GA.  They supposedly do Who covers including The Seeker.  I'm looking forward to it, will report back.

 Scott H. Keller
shkeller55 at yahoo.com 
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