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> Derek, re:
>>>Play Some rock and roll?  What do you think that was?  Mantovani?
> Something's telling me Chicago '79 but could be wrong..........
> "This is a fucking rock and roll concert not a fucking tea party - 
> RIGHT!" - PT - 10.12.1971

I immediately thought of that too...well, wherever it is from the tea party 
quote is my fave!

ooh it's very hard to single out favourites when it comes to the Who

Fave album: Tommy (which is how I got into the Who - after seeing the film 
and falling in love with Rog! Trite but true, wot can I say?  I had enough 
common sense to buy the original album. Never ever bought the soundtrack! I 
remember LOVING Tommy- the album -as a kid when it came out too). I love 
Quad as a very close second.

Fave boots - I have two on VINYL, haven't really been able to listen to them 
much! One is from New Haven in 1979 (I think), the other is Swansea, 1976. I 
don't have them with me here in Taiwan!

Fave Solo - I love every single Pete solo album (well, except Iron Man) in 
this order: Who Came First/ Empty Glass (TIED!!), Chinese Eyes, Rough Mix, 
White City, the Scoop series, Psychoderelict. Of course I love Rog's Ride a 
Rock Horse, too! I never bought any of John's or Moonies solo albums...

Concert: Hollywood Bowl, 2007 (? the last tour! was it 2007?).  Also - the 
Attic Jam gig at hotel/cafe in LA was fucking SURREAL! And I had a lengthy 
chat with Pete so... it was an AWESOME night for me!

Lyric:  "...substitute you for my mum, at least I'll get my washing done." 
Pete is too clever/perceptive/brilliant.

Song: "Love Reign O'er Me" ( I think that's Rog's best vocal performance- 
whatever he may think about how the album was mixed!). It's WAY too hard to 
single out ONE fave song though!

Movie- TKAA

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